We Will Have Morning Smiles – 50 Years of Original Poetry

We Will Have Morning Smiles - 50 Years of Poems
We Will Have Morning Smiles – Available on Amazon – As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified purchases

Original Topic-Based Poetry Spanning 50 Years – Find Yourself in These Words

Here you’ll find six chapters of emotion and mood-based poems spanning 50 years.

  • Soul Searching
  • Destiny
  • World and Life
  • Love and Heartache
  • Death and Loss
  • Humor and Sarcasm

These emotions, stories, and thoughts may fit your life and, in some way, inadvertently tell your story or express what you feel or once felt.

If you consider yourself an old soul who feels too much too often, then yes, your heart is also in here.

You’re not all about seriousness, are you? If your humorous and sarcastic side balances your nature, then take a break from the soul-searching questions and hop over to the funny chapter.

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