Hard Riddles #Stumped Volume 6

Hard Riddles for Teens, Adults and Genius Kids - #Stumped - Volume 6
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Hard Riddles is ideal for parties, gifts, stocking stuffers, prizes, family game night, or self-challenge.

Hard Riddles is not just a book; it’s also an easy, family-friendly game for brainiacs.

Inside you’ll find basic game rules.

Hard Riddles features eight chapters, with ten riddles per chapter, broken down as follows:

  • 1. Human Traits (Words about human qualities).
  • 2. Emotions & Feelings (Words related to the human condition).
  • 3. Homonyms (Words with the same pronunciation and spelling, but have a different meaning).
  • 4. Homographs (Words spelled the same, sound different, and have different meanings).
  • 5. Triple Homophones (Three words with the same pronunciation but different meanings and different spelling).
  • 6. Double Homophones (Two words with the same pronunciation but have different meanings and different spellings).
  • 7. Words with the Letter Q in Them.
  • 8. Words with Four Syllables.

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