Hard Riddles #Stumped Volume 6

Hard Riddles - Only unique what am I riddles included - all original - no rehashed riddles here!
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Hard Riddles is ideal for parties, gifts, stocking stuffers, prizes, family game nights, or self-challenge.

Hard Riddles is not just a book; it’s also an easy, family-friendly game for brainiacs.

Inside you’ll find basic game rules.

Hard Riddles features eight chapters, with ten riddles per chapter.

Riddle Chapters

  1. Human Traits (Words about human qualities).
  2. Emotions & Feelings (Words related to the human condition).
  3. Homonyms (Words with the same pronunciation and spelling, but have a different meaning).
  4. Homographs (Words spelled the same, sound different, and have different meanings).
  5. Triple Homophones (Three words with the same pronunciation but different meanings and different spelling).
  6. Double Homophones (Two words with the same pronunciation but have different meanings and different spellings).
  7. Words with the Letter Q in Them.
  8. Words with Four Syllables.

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