Halloween Riddles – #Stumped Volume 5

Halloween Riddles for Teens and Adults
Halloween Riddles Features 80 Riddles all Related to Halloween
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Halloween Riddles is ideal for parties, gifts, stocking stuffers, prizes, trick-or-treaters, or self-challenge.

If you’re looking for a small gift, this book is not only a book of riddles; it’s also a game.”

The basic game rules are featured inside. Play this riddle game on Halloween night while the kids are munching on all those treats.

Halloween Riddles features eighty original riddles with ten riddles per chapter.

Halloween Riddle Chapters:

  • Unseen Halloween
  • Dead Halloween
  • Costumes
  • Food
  • Decorating
  • A Famous Cartoon
  • Halloween Emotions
  • Halloween Noises

You’re not getting recycled old riddles! Each riddle is unique and original to this book, personally written by the author.

Although the riddles are all clean, the difficulty level makes this book appropriate for teens, adults, or brainiac kids :)

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  1. This book looks like fun for anyone who appreciates a great riddle. I am sure, too, that they’d appreciate that they were personally written by the author and not riddles that they have heard before.

    1. Barbara

      Thank you very much for such a kind comment :)

  2. I love this book! I got mine in last week and my son has already claimed it after I finish reviewing it. We do love Halloween and fun games. It is perfect for us! I know it will make the Halloween party a lot more entertaining. Everyone loves games and this book gives us a very unique game to play!

    1. Barbara

      Cynthia thank you very much for all your support, it’s greatly appreciated!!

  3. NOTE: As an Amazon Associate, Barbara Cipak earns commissions from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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