Boredom Buster Riddles – #Stumped Volume 4

Boredom Buster Riddles - #Stumped Volume 4
Boredom Buster Riddles is a Book of 80 Riddles about Being Stuck at Home
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This Volume of the #Stumped Riddle Book Series Features Riddles About Being Stuck at Home

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Written during the 2020 global pandemic, all the chapters relate to riddles about things to do or ways to cope with being confined to the home.

“It’s also an ideal book for those who need something to do when they’re not feeling well. If you need to send a friend or a loved one a get well card, write one of these riddles inside! It could be a much-needed distraction. Better yet, send the whole book.”

Boredom Buster Riddles features 80 original riddles with each of the eight chapters containing ten riddles.


  • Physical Activity
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Mind Stimulation
  • Online Learning
  • Spiritual Work
  • Games to Play
  • Things That Cheer You Up
  • Healthy Choices

Although the riddles are all clean, the difficulty level makes this book appropriate for teens, adults, and brainiac kids.

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