Instant Party Riddles – #Stumped The First Book in the Series

A Riddle Game #Stumped Volume 1
Riddles for Teens and Adults – 80 Instant Advanced Riddles for Parties, Distraction, Mind Exercise, and Games
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This is the First Riddle Book in the Stumped Series

The Volumes are personally written by Barbara Tremblay Cipak. As more volumes are completed, they’re added here on StumpedRiddles.

“This riddle book is ideal for family gatherings, dinner parties, baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, or just a fun way to spend game-night.”

These riddles just aren’t for parties; test yourself when you’ve nothing to do or need a fun distraction.

#Stumped features 80 original riddles with eight chapters containing ten riddles. The chapters are broken down and identified by the topic they pertain to.

Note: Although the riddles are all clean, the difficulty level makes this book appropriate for ages 18+ years and up – or brainiacs 🙂

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