I Need Help Thinking Positive – A Casual Workbook For Adults

Negative Thoughts Workbook for Adults and Teens
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I Need Help Thinking Positive – A Negative Thoughts Workbook for Adults and Teens

31 Days with Four Easy Prompt Question Pages to Track Those Unwanted Feelings and What Common Threads May Be Triggering Them 

I Need Help Thinking Positive: What You Get

This Book Has a Color Interior.

  • A casual journal where you can monitor your negative feelings for 31 days.
  • There are 4 question prompt journal pages per day to help you gain a sense of what negative trends may be repeating themselves.
  • Each day features the ‘Clipboard Chart” with 20 standard items that can typically trigger our negative feelings. Check off what applies to you for that day.
  • On the Clipboard Chart, you’ll give each item you select 1 point. At the bottom of the Chart, total your points out of 20. 
  • This Book isn’t about keeping a score or getting a particular score. The total points out of 20 are meant to be a visual aid to help you examine trends over your 31-day stretch.
  • The Clipboard Chart also has a place to select a summary of your mood for that day.
  • If the Clipboard Chart’s pre-defined choices don’t adequately provide you with a way to describe your negative feelings, there’s also a full page for you to write in your own words.
  • There are two question-prompt pages to help you go into further detail about your day and to seek solutions.
  • At-a-glance comparisons give you a chance to review your negative feeling trends.
  • Take note of the things you do that add to your negative days, and do less of that!

Note: This Book is not meant to be a tracker for any medical-related issues, mental or physical. The “I Need Help Thinking Positive” workbook prompt journal is purely designed for personal recreational use and personal journaling.

This Color Interior Book Includes:  

  • 31 “Clipboard Charts”
  • 31 “In My Own Words” Pages
  • 31 “Today’s Crap Storm With Specifics” Pages with Prompt Questions
  • 31 “Solutions” Pages with Prompt Questions
  • 31 Motivational Famous Quotes Featured for Each Day
  • Instructions on How to Use the Journal Workbook
  • An Original Inspirational Poem Inside the Book and a Poem Verse on the Back of the Book
  • The Book is a Good Size Measuring 8.5×11 inches – The Size of a Standard Piece of Paper

Some of the Interior Pages:

Note: This is a 31 Day Workbook, Broken Down By Days –

Front Cover:

Negative Thoughts Workbook - I Need Help Thinking Positive
Available on Amazon – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualified purchases

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