Medium to Hard Level Sudoku for Adults

Medium to Hard Level Sudoku For Adults

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Medium to Hard Level Difficulty – Sudoku for Adults – One Puzzle Per Page – Large Print

Larger Print for Easier Reading

  • Large print, medium to hard level difficulty with one sudoku puzzle per page
  • This book gives you the ability to focus on one puzzle at a time
  • The large book is the size of a standard 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper
  • The sudoku puzzles inside the book measure approximately 5.25″ by 5.25″
  • The answer section features four sudoku answer puzzles per page, so they’re not as large as the puzzles on the individual pages
  • There’s plenty of working room on every page
  • If you like to make notes when solving sudoku puzzles, there is a place to write underneath each puzzle on every puzzle page.

This Book Includes:

  • 60 sudoku puzzles (1 per page)
  • Each puzzle features 81 cells in a 9 by 9 grid layout
  • Blocks within each grid are the standard 3 by 3
  • The answers are featured at the back of the book
  • There’s a place for the solver’s name, start time, and finish time on each puzzle

Added Bonus! – Use the Book as a Game, Compete with Friends and Family

Each sudoku has a place to write your name, the time you started the puzzle, and the time you finished. Create a competition to see who can complete a puzzle the fastest.

Medium to Hard Sudoku

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