Gratitude Prompt Journal Happy Tracker

The Gratitude Prompt Journal Happiness Tracker - To Help Identify Triggers and Trends that Contribute to Your Happiness Levels

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Gratitude Prompt Journal – My Happy Tracker – What Made Me Happy Today – A Creative Fun Way to Track Your Happier Days

What Made You Happy? What You Get:

  • A way to track your happiness level
  • There are 20 happy action activities on a Clipboard page
  • Each item on the Clipboard page is a standard daily positive action item you can actively pursue to improve your happiness – the pages repeat 70 times, so you have plenty of days to analyze your happiest days based on the activity you checked off
  • Keep a score out of 20 per Clipboard page
  • There’s a place to record your happiness level on that day
  • The objective is not to try and get a higher score but rather to assess trends and activities that added the most to your happiness on a particular day
  • At-a-glance comparisons give you a chance to review your happiness trends
  • Take note of the things you do that add to your happiest days, and do more of that!
  • There’s a place to include a quick note on each Clipboard page item
  • There’s also a corresponding page beside each of the Clipboard pages where you can write, in your own words, about your day, your happiness level, your goals, and additional gratitude

This Book Includes:  

Note: The Two Tracking Pages (Featured Below) Each Repeat 70 Times for 70 days of Daily Happiness Tracking – Fill out each page multiple days in a row, or track your feelings when you feel you need to – You have 70 days to track and examine your trends with.

  • 70 Clipboard Gratitude Journal Tracking Pages
  • Note: The interior Pages are in Black and White (not in Color)
  • 70 Gratitude Writing Pages to Expand About Your Happiness in Your Own Words
  • The Book is a Good Size Measuring 8.5×11 inches – The Size of a Standard Piece of Paper
  • A Motivational Short Quote on each of the “In Your Own Words” Pages
  • An Original Inspirational Poem Inside the Front of the Book and Poem Verse on the Back of the Book

Sample Interior:

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