I Feel Great Today – A Full Color Workbook For Teens and Adults

Why I Feel Good Today Journal Tracker
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I Feel Great Today – A Fun Workbook to Track Your Good Days and Good Feelings for a 13-Month Period

The Happiness Summary Chart

  • A great at-a-glance visual chart to track your mood for 365 days!
  • With the Happiness Summary Chart, color in your level of happiness each day. 
  • After 365 days, take a look and see which color is the most prominent so you can get a sense of your overall mood for that year.

This Color Interior Book Includes:  

  • 13 Months – Daily Feel Good Quick Notes
  • 13 Months – Monthly Specifics
  • 13 Months – I Feel Great Because
  • 13 Months – My Monthly Happy Summary
  • 13 Motivational Famous Quotes
  • An overall chart where you color your mood, and in 365 days, you’ll get a terrific colorful picture of your general happiness level!
  • Instructions on How to Use the Journal Workbook
  • An Original Inspirational Poem Inside the Book and a Poem Verse on the Back of the Book
  • The Book is a Good Size Measuring 8.5×11 inches – The Size of a Standard Piece of Paper

Some Interior Pages

Each month is color coded to help you remember your notes and your months. You don’t have to track 13 months in a row! Simply track the months you want to track!

Front Cover

Why I Feel Good Today Workbook

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