I Feel Bad Today – A Full Color Workbook for Teens and Adults

Why I Feel Bad Today, A Prompt Journal
A Workbook for Teens and Adults; Why I Feel Bad Today – Available on Amazon – As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified purchases

I Feel Bad Today: A Full-Color Workbook to Track Your Not-So-Good Days Over 13 months

Don’t monkey around with your bad feelings ….

… you can nip those feelings in the bud by understanding them better!

Your easy workbook journal can help:

Solved – Quickly Track Your Life

Instantly make a note of your bad feelings on a monthly calendar
Quickly make a note of what prompted your less-than-positive day
You can elaborate if you want to; there’s a place for that
Summarize the month!

What You’ll Get:

The Feelings Summary Chart

  • A great at-a-glance visual chart to track your mood for 365 days!
  • With the Happiness Summary Chart, color your happiness level each day. 
  • After 365 days, take a look and see which color is the most prominent to get a sense of your overall mood for that year.

This Color Interior Book Includes the Following:  

  • 13 Months – Daily Bad Feelings Quick Notes
  • 13 Months – Monthly Specifics
  • 13 Months – I Felt Bad Because
  • 13 Months – My Monthly Bad Feelings Summary
  • 13 Motivational Famous Quotes
  • A different color represents every month
  • An overall chart where you color your mood, and in 365 days, you’ll get a terrific colorful picture of your general feelings over that one year
  • Instructions on How to Use the Journal Workbook
  • An Original Inspirational Poem Inside the Book and a Poem Verse on the Back of the Book
  • The Book is a Good Size, Measuring 8.5×11 inches – The Size of a Standard Piece of Paper

You’ll want to know what negatively influences your feelings and why one day might be better than the next because then you have the tools to review your life and make changes instantly.

Your life matters. Track your patterns. Take control.

Available on Amazon.

Sample of One Month’s Workbook Pages – The “Blue Month”:

Hey, there’s a sister workbook: “Why I Feel Good Today” – Be sure to check it out. Get both to track both the negative and positive influences in your life.

A workbook for teens and adults to track thirteen months of feelings
Why I Feel Bad Today – A Full-Color Workbook for Teens and Adults – As an Amazon Associate I Earn from Qualified Purchases

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