Sharing Riddles

If you’re inclined to share these riddles, thank you. To help you understand the guidelines I’ve outlined the permissions.

What is Permitted:

1. You can share the photos and/or photos with riddles on them anywhere online so long as where you’re sharing isn’t on or related to illegal activity, violence, hate, racism, or sexually explicit content.

2. If you’re sharing just the text of a riddle (not the photo), please include a link back or a reference to “By”

3. If you want to copy the text of a riddle to share it, you must include a link back to the page on this website where the riddle came from.

4. You can use these riddles for personal sharing only, which includes sharing to your blog, website or social media, so long as there is a link back to the page where you reference the riddle.

What’s Not Permitted:

1. Sharing one or more riddles must include a link back to this site for each riddle.

2. Riddles are not allowed to be copied in bulk to use on a personal, blog, or business website. Up to ten riddles with links back is fine on one or more sites.

3. Do not copy any riddles and claim yourself as the author. I know, seems awful to even say this, but it has happened, and the copies have been found and the associated sites reported.


Barbara (Tremblay) Cipak has personally written all riddles in this book. Any resemblance to people, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, other riddles, and incidents are coincidental. All riddles are written directly from the author’s imagination.

If you read all of this and do share any content as outlined above, it’s official, you’re awesome , much appreciated – Barbara