Sharing Riddles

If you’re inclined to share these riddles, thank you. To help you understand the guidelines I’ve outlined the permissions.

What is Permitted:

1. You can share the photos with the riddles and/or the riddle text anywhere online so long as where you’re sharing isn’t on or related to illegal activity, violence, hate, racism, or sexually explicit content.

2. If you share the text of a riddle with or without the background photo, you must include a clickable link back: All riddles have a link to their associated page directly on the photo – you can use that link in the photo as the clickable link. Do not remove the link that is typed on the photo, if you are using the photo and riddle. Even with the link on the photo, you must indicate that link within the post, and where possible, make it a clickable link.

3. If you want to copy the text of a riddle to share it (whether via text, email, or posted online), you must include a clickable link back to the page on this website where the riddle came from.

4. You can use these riddles for personal sharing, including sharing on your blog, website, or social media, as long as there is a clickable link back to the page where you reference the riddle. See point “3” below under What’s Not Permitted for further detail on this.

5. On social sites (Twitter/X, Instagram, or others) that don’t allow clickable links in posts, you can simply type the link to where the riddle was taken directly into the post.

What’s Not Permitted:

1. Sharing a riddle without a link back is not permitted. Sharing one or more riddles must include a link back to the riddle page on this site for each riddle.

2. You can NEVER share, copy, or use any of the background photos without the associated riddle text. That is completely prohibited.

3. Riddles may not be copied in bulk for use on a personal blog or vlog, a business blog or vlog, or a commercial or personal website.

Up to ten riddles with clickable links back are fine on one or more sites. Even commercial websites can post up to ten riddles, but not in any physical or virtual publications, whether eBook, Audio, or Print format. If a business or commercial site wants to share more than ten riddles, please contact me (Barbara) directly. You can head over to the Instagram Riddles page and Direct Message me personally there. The Instagram link is posted on this site.

4. Do not copy any riddles and claim yourself as the author. I know it seems awful to even say this, but it has happened, and the copies have been found, and the associated sites reported.

5. Removing the riddle link that is indicated in each riddle photo is NOT permitted.

6. Riddles acquired from the Interior of any of the Stumped Riddle Books (whether ebook or print) cannot be shared (except and only if used as a blurb for a book review). For sharing purposes, the riddles must come directly from a post on this site, as per the conditions indicated here.


Barbara (Tremblay) Cipak has personally written all the riddles in the riddle books and on this website. Any resemblance to people, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, other riddles, and incidents is coincidental. All riddles are written directly from the author’s imagination.

If you read all of this and do share any content as outlined above, it’s official, you’re awesome, much appreciated – Barbara

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