Christmas Sudoku Book Game

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Christmas Sudoku book as a Convenient Game, Or to Solve Puzzles for Personal Challenge

How to Play Christmas Sudoku as a Simple Game and Compete with Family and Friends:

  • Each person takes a turn to solve a puzzle
  • Write your name on the completed puzzle (there’s a place on each puzzle to put your name)
  • Write down your start time (there’s a place on each puzzle for that)
  • Once you finish, write the time (or day and time) that you completed the puzzle (there’s a place on each puzzle for that as well)
  • The person who solves in the shortest amount of time wins.

Christmas Sudoku makes the perfect Christmas travel game. Bring the book when traveling by plane, train, or car and compete to see who can finish a Sudoku puzzle the fattest. It’s an easy way to keep travelers busy!

Enjoy the holiday aspect with the featured festive cover and fun Christmas graphics on each puzzle page.

Larger Print for Easier Reading

  • Large print, easy level of difficulty with one sudoku puzzle per page
  • This book gives you the ability to focus on one puzzle at a time
  • The large book is the size of a standard 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper
  • The sudoku puzzles inside the book measure approximately 5.25″ by 5.25.”
  • The answer section features four sudoku answer puzzles per page, so they’re not as large as the puzzles on the individual pages
  • There’s plenty of working room on every page
  • If you like to make notes when solving sudoku puzzles, there is a place to write underneath each puzzle on every puzzle page.

This Book Includes:

  • 60 sudoku puzzles (1 per page)
  • Each puzzle features 81 cells in a 9 by 9 grid layout
  • Blocks within each grid are the standard 3 by 3
  • The answers are featured at the back of the book
  • There’s a place for the solver’s name, start time, and finish time on each puzzle
A Convenient Book Game – Great For Travel – Or Go Solo and Challenge Yourself

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