In this category, you’ll find some Riddles that are also featured in School Riddles – #Stumped Volume 2. All the riddles in this section relate to anything to do with School. 

Note: The numbers do not correspond with the numbers in the book. The numbers are the order the riddles were entered onto this website. For a running chronological order of riddles on this website, go to the main Riddle Category Here.

56. A Riddle for the World

Riddle: "It represents a sphere, plant, or celestial body; however, other types are musical and collected as a hobby; you’re standing on one right now, everyone is doing that, and…

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20. A Riddle You Can Plot

"Artists climb them, engineers reference them, students learn with them, Optometrists work with them, they come in columns and bars, What word am I that even applies to guitars" If…

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