#Stumped Riddle Series Author

Hi, I’m Barbara Tremblay Cipak. Thanks for visiting my newest project, this silly riddles website.

Oh, and yes, I’m the author of every single riddle featured here, as well as the riddles in my riddle books.

I’ve always had a quirky knack for writing card sayings, riddles, and poetry. I started writing poetry when I was eight years old and continue to this day. I recently accomplished a bucket list item; a book of my 50-year collection of personal poems called “We Will Have Morning Smiles.” It’s available on Amazon.

With over 1 million views on my fun pages on the writing platform Hubpages, I’ve taken my ability to toss out one-liners, crazy riddles, and emotional poetry to the pages of books and, of course, this website.

I live and write from my home base in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and enjoy the constant traffic of my family traipsing in and out of the house.

You can find more about my joy of stories told in music and card sayings at my website, Drageda.com.

My love of all things creative also lead me to create a home-décor pet project. Feel free to take a look; it’s Funkthishouse.com.

With hundreds of thousands of monthly views, you can also follow me on my oldest Pinterest account, Pinterest.ca/barbsbriteideas. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, DragedaPoemsLyrics.

Since this Riddle website is brand new, I’m still creating the related social media accounts. I’ll frequently be updating as things progress. This website will take a while to get up and running the way I like it because, yep, I’m doing it all myself! So, my apologies for any errors or inconveniences you may encounter during the creation process.

To contact me, leave a comment below, and I’ll be sure to get it!

Enjoy the riddle challenges!

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