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  •   Family Gatherings
  •   Birthday Parties
  •   Wedding Showers
  •   Baby Showers
  •   For Distraction
  •   To Challenge Yourself
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  •   Mind Exercise

Activities to Challenge You

Riddle Questions

Can you solve these riddles? Here you’ll find a collection of originally written riddles by the Author of the book series #Stumped – Instant Party Riddles for Teens and Adults.

You’ll want this free downloadable book because it’s a fun way to exercise your mind and remind yourself of all the things you can do to take care of yourself. It’s ideal for teens and adults and offers a fun challenge.

Riddle Books

The owner of this website has published several riddle books. All riddles are personally written. Be sure to check back, as she’s writing more books! Read more in the About Me section.

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